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My name is Rajesh K and Destination Infinity is my pen-name. I live in Chennai, South India. This is my personal/lifestyle blog and I write on many topics I am passionate about. I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years and I have managed to create a career out of creating content.

‘Destination Infinity’ was my entry to a tag-line competition advertised by the Tourism Department of India many years ago. ‘Incredible India!’, I guess, should have won that contest. Since my *substantially more intellectual* tag-line was rejected, I was upset. I determined that I will make ‘Destination Infinity’ even more popular than ‘Incredible India!’ by myself. This blog is a conspiracy to achieve that 😉

I also write books. Have a look at my Books page.

I create Photo Slideshow Videos for Special Occasions & Marketing Videos for Business @ https://wowsuper.net (click)

Destination Infinity


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