Lizol Introduces Cement Floor Cleaners

Lizol officials launching Lizol Cement Surface Cleaners @ Hyatt Regency, Chennai on Jan. 9 2020.

One big issue with people whose homes contain cement flooring throughout or at some places like a portico, staircase, terrace, etc. is the lack of a good cleaning agent specifically designed to be used with cement surfaces.

Cement surfaces are known to form white patches on exposure to carbon-di-oxide and it’s difficult to clean them. People might use detergent and phenyl but these are not generally very effective.

Lizol, a well-known brand in the cleaning liquid market, has just introduced Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant in four Indian states where they anticipate the demand to be high – TamilNadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and West Bengal.

We went to attend their press meet yesterday and their officials say that this new Lizol Cement Floor cleaner can remove 99% of germs and seep into the cement surface to remove white stains.

This product is available in two variants – 100 ml (Rs. 25) and 400 ml (Rs. 74). Since there is no branded alternative focused on cement floors, and since a low-cost trial pack is available, they say that even low-income groups would find it easy to buy and test it out.

This product is available in two flavours. You can find more information about this Lizol product and a full demo from yesterday’s event here.

So when you want to clean a cement floor in the future, you know what to buy – the Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner 🙂

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